SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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Considered as the brazilian switzerland, Nova Friburgo is a city full of privileges. The climate, people, restaurants and tours. Before arriving to Nova Friburgo, still in Mury, the Refuge is located in the heart of the Atlantic, at 1200 mts of altitude.
Address: Road Mury - Lumiar, km 2.5 Alto 50 Mury - Nova Friburgo RJ

We aim to offer the guest moments of well being, free from stress and a direct contact with nature. With the nutritional diet the Spa aims to detoxify and eliminate unwanted pounds.

The menu is built taking into account the food preferences of the guests and the food station. We encourage the practice of daily activity to optimize the results of the diet.

Price Chart


3 days (2 nights)

4 days (3 nights)

5 days (4 nights)

6 days (5 nights)

1 week (6 nights)

10 days (9 nights)

Total p / person Double Room (R$)







Total p / person Single Room (R$)








  • 6 Balanced meals / day prescribed by a Nutritionist / Nutrition monitoring
  • Massage session * / Session of lymphatic drainage *
  • Sports facilities / treadmill / bike / Ecofitness / water aerobics
  • Reflexology session *
  • Hot tub bath w / moisturizing foam *
  • Relaxing massage *
  • Canto Therapy session * /Refuge Movies
  • Hidrowall /Sauna with whirlpool / heated pool /Spa jacuzzi

*  Two sessions in One- week programs and in the 10-Day Program, an additional session.

Note: The published rates are only for reference, must be confirmed by the hotel.

Hot Stone Therapy R$ 95.00 (1:30)
Exceeds the physical experience of typical massage and enters in deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and wellness, creating a positive line to the chain of body-mind-spirit.
Reiki R$ 75.00
It is life force, universal energy. Reiki is the dance of life energy. When we do a Reiki treatment, we are in unity and harmony with the Universe. All cells will be benefit by restoring the unity and health because it encourages the individual to heal himself.
Lymphatic Drainage R$ 75.00
The lymphatic system is responsible for the detoxification of our blood and our body. Lymphatic drainage helps the lymph in its task of cleansing the body, improving circulation, edema, cellulite, skin and health as a whole.
Shiatsu R$ 75.00
An oriental technique which is based on digital pressure at certain points of the body in order to allow the free flow of energy in a natural way.
Its function is to warm and promote the free flow of energy, scattering elements that cause blockages like cold and moisture, thereby reducing swelling and pain.
It consists of a Oriental Medicine technique that  treats and prevents diseases through the application of heat resulting from the burning plant "Artemisia Vulgar" in specific points or certain locations of the human body.
Quick Shiatsu R$ 30.00
The practice of Shiatsu quickly performed on a chair, trying to relieve fatigue and stress of everyday life.
Auriculotherapy R$ 35.00
A feature of the Oriental medicine that seeks to balance the body in general, preventing and treating various types of disorders by stimulating certain points on the ear. There are physiological relations between the ear and various body parts. When an organ or body part has some pathological problem, there will be a change in the sensitivity of the ear reflex points. It is a therapeutic technique in stimulating reflex points on the ear to cure the disease or pain. Using  seed beads or needles.
Other therapies:

  • Clean Skin (face) - R $ 75.00
  • Body Moisturizing - R $ 80.00
  • Massage Therapy - R $ 75.00
  • Reflexology - R $ 75.00
  • Circuit training / Ecofitness - £ 75.00/casal, £ 60.00/pessoa
  • Relaxing Massage - R $ 75.00

• Waxing - Check values ​​in Reception.


SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
SPA - Ref˙gio dos Falcoes
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