5 Common Pets Ailments and Their Treatments

Only a true pet lover can understand how it feels to have a pet in home. Pets bring a number of health benefits for humans. They help improve the social and emotional skills of your children, improve heart health, boost your mood and also reduce your stress and depression. But what if your beloved pet falls ill?

Since your pets can’t speak, it’s difficult to identify when they are in pain. Some of the diseases of the pets are – Otitis Externa, obesity, heartworm, dental disease, arthritis, renal disease, etc. Each disease has its own symptoms through which you can spot the ailment in your pet.

Here, we have discussed some diseases that are common in dogs and cats and how can you treat them.

  1. Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are nasty parasites that suck the blood of your pets. These parasites cause anemia, paralysis, blood loss, infection or skin irritation in your cat or dog.

Several shampoos, oral medications, and tick dips and collars are available to get rid of fleas and ticks. However, prevention is the best cure.

  1. Allergies

With change in season, your dogs and cats may get prone to several allergies. Some of the carriers of these allergies are environmental contaminants, dust, dandruff from other species, pollen, dust, grasses, etc. Symptoms of allergies include skin infection, hair loss, red or flaky skin, itching, hay fever, etc.

The best way to protect your pets from this ailment is to keep them away from allergens (allergy carriers).

  1. Worms in Cats 70 18,100

Generally cats get roundworms when they eat rodents that bear worm larvae on their skin or in tissues or when they ingest feces containing eggs of roundworm. Some of the symptoms of roundworm in your pet are swollen stomach, loss of appetite, severe weight loss, vomiting, etc.

You can prevent cats from getting worms by keeping them indoor so that they can’t eat feces or infected rodents. If, anyhow, your pet has got worms, take them to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Diabetes Mellitus

This disease is caused due to fluctuations in blood sugar levels of your pet. It is of 2 types:

Type 1 insulin-dependent - No or very low production of insulin; common in dogs

Type 2 non-insulin dependent - Overproduction of insulin; common in cats

Symptoms of diabetes are – lethargy, weight loss, excessive thirst and urination.

This ailment can be prevented by making changes in your pet’s diet and monitoring the glucose levels. Take your pet to vet for regular check-ups.

  1. Pain

Like humans, pets can also experience pain due to several reasons like past traumas, anxieties, seizures, arthritis, digestive and neurological disorders, muscle spasms, etc. You can alleviate the pain of your pet by using CBD oil which has therapeutic properties. However, it is recommended to consult your vet before using this oil.

Taming the pests is not an easy task as it sounds to be. Your pet need your equal attention as your child does. So, to keep your pet fit and healthy, take special care of their diet, cleanliness and don’t forget to take them to vet for regular check-ups.

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