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Maragogi - Alagoas

Maragogi resort has calm waters in the north coast of Alagoas, the inhabitants and tourists visit this place because of the sun shine and the different tides. The sunlight makes the sea waters look more crystal clear, highlight the corals colors, and the pools are also main attractions of this place.

The coral coast is an area of natural preservation since 1997, covers 135Km of the Brazilian coast that covers from Tamandaré in Pernambuco to Paripueira in Alagoas. Gales de Maragogi is 6Km from the central beach of the city, is located in the middle of this rich ecosystem.

The tourism and the economy of the region let the direct contact with coral reefs, immense rocks, formed by organisms with chalky skeleton. The corals are very sensitive to the global warming and the pollution. In order to reduce the damages to the marine life, some cares were taken. In the not very deep pools is prohibited to use rubber rings and feed the fish.

The ship and boat trips for diving into the Gales is the main activity, in one day plan in Maragogi with packages that depart from Maceio, 130 Km to the south or from Recife, 125Km to the north. If the tourist is lucky and arrive during very low tides of 0,1m and 0,2 meters high, he will enjoy a wonderful landscape, vast extensions of reefs, clear water that get to the knees, sandbanks where the diving guides play football on the high sea.

On high sea, between 0, 4 and 0, 7 when there are strong currents, the difficulty to move among the corals and the risk of hurting oneself are major. In any season, it is possible to dive with snorkel and oxygen cylinder accompanied of guides. It is 5 meters deep and allows you see untouched coral reefs, little fish that hide in submarine caves, anemones, corals and colorful seaweeds.

If the tourist don’t carry submarine camera, diving photographers offers their services for registering these aquatic adventures and then they will record your photographs in CDs, taking care of not feeding fish for making they appear in the pictures.

Thanks to the increasing infrastructure of resorts, hotels and inns, Maragogi has become to be the second tourist place of Halagoas, after the capital. Some days of resting in this place will be appropriated to see warm and clear waters, protected by coconut trees, as Bitingui to the south and Ponta do Mangue to the north.

The city has 25.000 inhabitants in the downtown. It is close to the square of San Antonio church, is surrounded by buses that transport the inhabitants. One of the most impressive buildings is which of the Brazil bank agency. The fun focuses on the sidewalks of Maragogi beach, with bars, restaurants, stores and travel agencies.

Japatinga is smaller than the neighbor city, has 7.500 inhabitants. In the downtown, the post office is some steps from the church and the mayor office, both of them are in front of Candeias square, where the inhabitants see how the people take walks, or ride motorcycles, the most popular transportation of the city. The motorcycle driver wear helmet but the passenger doesn’t.

Maragogi and Japaratinga are places to discover, they assure full vacations and good experiences.









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