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Tourism in Peninsula of Marau, natural paradise located between Itacaré and The Morro do Sao Paulo - Travel guide information of Marau, Brazil.

Peninsula De Marau - Bahia

Is located a:

180 kilometres from Salvador
100 kilometres from Itacaré.

Another natural paradise that is situated between Itacaré and The Morro do Sao Paulo. This peninsula extends itself along the territories of Camamu and Marau. It was discovered by tourists and residents of Bahia. It is a small city oriented to fishing that holds an ancient architecture reflected on its streets and constructions.

Its main attractions are lakes, coconut trees, natural pools, beaches, little rivers and reeves. It is a recommendable place for diving, fishing and trekking in the natural pools and lakes.

In interesting to visit:

Village of Taipus de Dentro
Village of Campinho
Village of Barra Grande
Island of Sapinho
Island of Goió
Mirador Cerro do Taipú
Waterfall of Tremembé

The small community of Barra Grande counts with wonderful beaches, dwellings and restaurants.

Among the most important beaches, it is possible to mention:

De Mangueiras. A quiet place with calm transparent waters.

Ponta do Muta. This beach presents several rocky formations that emerge from the water. This is a perfect place for families.

Tres cocoteros. An opened sea beach with big waves, gross sand and coconut trees.

Cassange. This beach presents small waves and coconut trees. It is a perfect location for fishing and windsurfing.

Arandi. A location that contains natural pools, coconut trees and calm sea.

De Algodones. A beach with small waves, coconut trees and fine sand.

De Piracanga. This beach has big waves and fine sand.

Albim. This beach presents small waves, which are ideal for bathing, coconut trees and fine sand.

De Pontal. A beach with big waves and several coconut areas.

De Taipus de Fora. This is a popular site. It is formed by 7 kilometres of natural pools enclosed by small rivers plenty of fish and chorals. This place is perfect for immersions and snorkel with the purpose of observing the marine fauna. On the reeves, there are several fishermen in search of pulpous.

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