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Tourism and travel guide about the Mato Grosso of South, Brazil - Includes information of site attractions - Brazil, Mato Grosso of South.

Mato Grosso Do Sul - Brasil

Mato Grosso do Sul is a charming State of the central - west region of Brazil. It has many natural and ecological attractions, one of the most important is El Pantanal.

El Pantanal is a gigantic ecosystem that covers 200 kilometres. The most part of its territory overflows during the rains period, such aspect, made the European conquers believe that this region was part of The Mediterranean Sea.

This State is a Brazilian frontier, it is next to three countries: Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. As a consequence of this close contact, the residents of Mato Grosso do Sul have acquired some cultural characteristics from those other countries: a Spanish accent, interesting musical rhythms and typical costumes.
Its current population is: 2.297.981 inhabitants.  According census 2006.

Tourist region of Campo Grande

There are big areas of native jungle on the urban perimeter as: Das Naçoes Indígenas Park, Dos Poderes Park, Horto Forestal and Da Nascente do Corrego Park.

It is the unique Brazilian city that has an urban village and135 ocas (houses of brick), where families of Terena live in. The most impressive oca is eight meters high, with thatched roof, is named “Memorial de la Cultura Indígena”.

Destination: Bonito – Serra da Boquena

The region has fragile natural resources, main reason for its preservation.


In order to enjoy the walks -chosen among more than 130 available-, four days of staying is perfect. In high season, it is necessary to make your reservation in advance for your walks, in travel agencies and operators. In low season, it is easier to make a reservation when you arrive in Bonito.

Walks reservations

The reservations should be done through a local travel agency.

The travel agencies are in charged of doing reservations, hiring a tourist guide and giving the authorized voucher for payments (all walks should be paid).

Mato Grosso´s capital is Campo Grande with current population of : 765.000 inhabitants, according census 2006.

How to arrive

By plane:
International airport of Campo Grande
Airlines that operates with regular flights: Gol, Tam, Trip.
Av. Duque de Caxias s/nº - Campo Grande – MS
PHONE: (67) 3368-6000
Distance from the downtown: 07 km

By land:
Bus Station of Campo Grande

PHONE: (67) 3382-9170


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