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Tourism in Parati, located 261 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, a city of beautiful beaches and historical places - Travel guide information of Parati, Brazil.

Paraty - Rio de Janeiro

261 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro.

This place has beautiful beaches and presents many tourist attractions, such as the historical centre of the city and some natural waterfalls.

This is an antique city that was founded in the middle of The XVI Century. It is considered a national patrimony.

The waters of The Paraty bay are calm and protected.

This bay is appropriate for fishing during night and diving during daylight.

Paraty is very popular thanks to its carnival celebration that endures four days. This event is characterized by parades, allegoric carriages, masquerades and gigantic caricatures. Many ship trips around the bay are organized.

Among the most important beaches, it is possible to mention:

Trindade. Nowadays, the most popular beach. It used to be a hippy community in the 60¨s.

Antigos e Antiguinhos. A beach with a brave sea, ideal for surfing.

Do Sono. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the zone. Its sand is white and its water is transparent. It contains camping areas and nice fishermen houses.

Paraty-Mirim. It was an important commercial centre in the past. An interesting place to visit there is The Church of Nossa Senhora de Conceicao

Sao Goncalo. This is a beach of fine white sand. It is placed 30 kilometres from the centre of the city.

Prainha. This beach is enclosed by The Batanguera Condominium. It is recommended for diving.

Tarituba. This is a little inlet with calm water.

Do Araujo Island. An island with green water beaches like Salvador Moreira, Brava, Pontal and Tapera.

Grande (Big). A fishermen community.

Jabaquara. This is an urban beach with calm waters and medicinal sand.

Do Pontal. An urban beach too, that is near to the centre of the city.

Martim de Sá. This is a lonely beach which is enclosed by mountains. It has some small places to camp.

Ponta Negra. A little inlet with white sand and crystalline water. It contains camping areas and nice fishermen constructions.


By: wikimedia.org

By: braziltourism.org

By: braziltourism.org
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