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Tourism in Garopaba, - Travel guide information of Garopaba, Brazil.

Garopaba - Santa Catarina

This city is placed in the south littoral, 91 kilometres from Florianópolis.

Garopaba has eight beaches with diverse natural attractions.

In the 70´s, a small fishermen community was discovered by adventuress tourists who travelled through the zone.

This is a perfect place for ecotourism and nautical sports.

Among the main natural attractions, one of the most popular is the observation of Franca Wales (Eubalena Australis), which takes place between July and November.


Gamboa. A beach with big waves, which is ideal for surfing.

Siriú. This beach also has big waves and abundant dunes which are ideal for sand board.

Garopaba. It has calm water and dark sand. It is a perfect place for families.

Silveira. This is one of the best locations for surfing.

Da Ferrugem. This beach is popular among young people. It is a recommended place for surfing. It has bars, discos and an agitated nocturnal life.

Ouvidor. This is an inlet with a long sand border. It is not recommended for children.

Vermelha. Another inlet with big waves. An ideal place for surfing.

Portinho. It is located between Ouvidor and Vermelha. It has some amazing views of scarps.

Coral Island. A beautiful island that is situated 45 minutes, by ship, from Garopaba.

Some other tourist places to stopover in the south littoral are:

Guarda do Embaú. It is one of the best places, in Brazil, for surfing practice. It is situated 70 kilometres from Florianópolis.

Imbituba. A perfect place for surf and windsurf.

Do Rosa Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches of the south. It contains two lakes and clear sand dunes. It is placed 83 kilometres from Florianópolis.

Del Gi Beach. Its principal attraction is La Piedra del Fraile (The Monk's Stone), a monument that is 9 meters high and 5 meters wide.

The beaches of Galheta, Tereza, Gravatá, Itapirubá, do Sol and do Faro complete the beautifulness of this environment.


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By: garopaba.sc.gov.br

By: garopaba.sc.gov.br

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By: garopaba.sc.gov.br

By: garopaba.sc.gov.br

By: garopaba.sc.gov.br

By: garopaba.sc.gov.br
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