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Tourism in Ilhabela, located 209 kilometers from Sao Paulo is one of the most beautiful places of the Sao Paulo´s north littoral - Travel guide information of Ilhabela, Brazil.

Ilhabela - São Paulo

209 kilometres from Sao Paulo.

Ilhabela is one of the most beautiful places of the Sao Paulo´s north littoral.

For about 200 years, English and Portuguese ships moored in this island in order to supply themselves, and then, continue their travel to Europe, carrying precious metals.

Some of its beaches are formed by fine sand, with a red tone, and little grains made of shell rests. More than 400 water courses traverse the island by shaping waterfalls.

Its tourist infrastructure is high-quality. Its green areas are ideal for eco tourism activities such as ride, rock climbing, diving, off-road, trekking, windsurf and cycling.

Is interesting to visit:

Nossa Senhora da Ajuda and do Bom Sucesso Church
Waterfall of Gato
Waterfall of Laje
Waterfall of Da Toca
Água Branca Waterfall

Castellanos Bay
It is a seaport, permanently required for surfing. Sometimes, it is probable to see groups of dolphins swimming near tourists. It is located to the north of Ilhabela.

Immersions in The Marine Reservation:
Isla de las Cabras (Goats Island). Inside this reservation, the remains of some shipwrecks, that took place in the island fences, can be observed. As examples, it is possible to mention certain ships: Dentre Velásquez (1908), Darth (1884) and Aymoré (1920).

Trilla do Bonete Path
In this location, a traditional community of fishermen resides. Camping is allowed in the zone.

The most important beaches:

In the centre:

The beach of Itaguassu is situated next to an important avenue and a small port with anchored ships.

The beach of Pereque is placed close to an avenue and a bicycle path decorated with coconut plants.

To the north:

The beach of Jabaquara is a vacant 500 meter beach with calm and crystalline waters.

The beach of Da Forme, whose size is 150 meters, is ideal for immersions. Its access is restricted to ships.

The beach of Do Poco, 50 meters size. It is a free old beach, bordered by stones, with small waves. It is recommendable for fishing and diving. Its access is restricted to ships.

To the south:

The beach of Feiticeira, 250 meters size.

The beach of Do Curral, with yellow sand.

The beach of Bonete is recommended for surfing. It covers 400 meters only accessed through boat from The Cascade of Laje.

The beach of Saco Do Sombrio is surrounded by vegetation and hills. Its transparent waters were a shelter for English, French and Dutch pirates of The XVI and XVII Centuries.


By: ilhabela.sp.gov.br

By: ilhabela.sp.gov.br

By: ilhabela.sp.gov.br

By: ilhabela.sp.gov.br

By: ilhabela.sp.gov.br
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