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Tourism in Santos, located 72 kilometers from Sao Paulo, the city is well known of its commercial harbour and ancient constructions - Travel guide information of Santos, Brazil.

Santos - São Paulo

72 kilometres from Sao Paulo.

How to arrive there from Sao Paulo: Jabaquara Terminal Station. Time travel: 1 hour and 10 minutes. More information: 50114201.

Santos gained an international fame when it entered in The Guiness Records in 2000, as the world biggest ornamental garden, which was structured with more than five kilometres of delicate plants and flowers. This nice place still exists and can be visited at any season of the year.

It is also well known because of its commercial harbour and ancient restored constructions.

A tour on tramway (bonde) through the city is ideal to discover its history.

Santos´ beaches:

Santos has the world largest urban garden in the sea bank. It covers 5.335 meters that are distributed all along 7 kilometres of beach, from José del Niño to The Punta.

Such structure represents a colourful rug adorned by biris (red), lilies (yellow), crinuns (white), daisies and coleus.

The 7 kilometres of beach, mentioned before, conform just one big beach. In fact, the city is cut by seven canals which divide Santos in seven neighbourhoods. In consequence, every section of beach, between the canals, has the name of its locality.

The peaceful waters of The Punta are ideal for nautical sports like windsurf y jetski.

The most popular beach is The Boqueirão.


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