Airsoft games – One of the most rapidly spreading trends

Has taken the teenage population straight to the outdoors. This sport, apart from being fun and tactical, is a great way to relax with your friends at theend of a buys week. However, due to the somewhat violent nature of the sport,some people may prefer to avoid this activity.

To make this game attractive to all and a whole lot safer,Airsoft masks have been introduced. These masks serve as protections for thejaw, eyes, and the nose, and add a bit of customization to the game.Considering the physics behind the barrels of the airsoft gun and theprojectile force of the bullets, there is a serious chance of ending up with plenty of bruises at the end of your gaming sessions. With these protective gears,one can focus on the game rather than concentrating on keeping your face hidden.

The Airsoft masks can be found in multiple variations. The two most common ones being The full face and The half face masks. Both the variations have their own advantages and drawbacks. The full face mask comes with built in goggles for eye protection which is the only significant difference between the two types. The Half face mask, however, requires you to wear a pair of goggles along with the mask for complete safety. Therefore, what differentiates the two is the “easy to wear” structure of the full face mask. The full face masks are usually preferred by amateurs who are new to the game and consider safety as their top priority whereas professionals use half face masks with separate goggles for better aiming and an overall customized look.

The materials used for the masks are either Plastic or steel mesh. The Plastic Airsoft masks offers durability as the material does not shatter upon impact. However, the plastic does not offer great ventilation which makes it less comfortable. On the other hand, The steel mesh Airsoft masks proves to be more comfortable with better ventilation and a lighter weight. However, It may shatter on close range shots which means that there would be a compromise on durability.

So what are the features one should look for in an airsoft mask?

The characteristics above show what the perfect mask consists of. The plastic masks provide greater durability but also result in the accumulation of fog in the goggles which could be hazardous. Some masks also contain a strap which is a useful feature. The strap can help with the adjustment of the goggles without having to take the whole thing off to fix its position. To conclude this article, the top most concern for an airsoft player should be comfort and safety. Precision comes in third with slightly less significance. Style, which can be used to portray the players traits, is obviously an important factor but it does not come close to having a safe mask which ensures safety from the BBs. Therefore, airsoft masks should be considered significantly for anyone who wishes to try this adventurous game.