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· Information and guides of Bombinhas ·


It is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the country, has calm and crystal clear waters, and is located in the state of Santa Catarina, the second most visited state by foreigners of Brazil. Bombinhas is the ecological capital and protects a lot of fauna and flora, beauty islands, and wonderful beaches that contrast with the green Atlantic Forest.

It has a population of 10.000 inhabitants; Bombinhas stands out by its hospitality.

The Portuguese people escaped from the frequently pirates invasions in the archipelago of the Azores, disembarking in the region at the beginning of XVIII century. The settlers were captivated by the wonderful beauties of the region and the strong waves sound. That’s the name origin of Bombinhas (bombita).

The 60´s, the region was totally discovered by the tourists. They were captivated by the beauty natural landscape of the municipality, and began to visit the beaches frequently, although the difficult and rural access.

Paradise of divers, Bombinhas is a national and international reference for diving lovers. In Bombinhas, the Reserve of Arvoredo is the unique southern marine reserve. The diving schools with professional aids are the most preferred by tourists.

The tourist infrastructure of Bombinhas is complete: hotels, lodgings, inns, residences and camping.

The city welcome to more than one thousand of tourists every year, who come to visit the historical places as Vila do Engenho, where it is possible to know the manufacture of yucca flour, cane molasses made like in the old days. At Mariscal beach, there waves are not so high, clear waters that are preferred by tourist from several parts of the country. There are also restaurants and the night life is lively.

Other interesting fact is the shipwrecks that surround the island. According fisher legends they are result of pirates that visit the region long years ago.

More than eighteen beaches, natural heritage and admirable landscapes make Bombinhas one of the most privileged ones because of its beautiful landscapes.


One of the main activities undertaken in the city is the traditional shrimp, fish and other seafood, as well as the cooperation of the shellfish and oyster fishermen who came together and maintain a cooperative. Therefore, the cuisine is usually Bombinhas seafood dishes with simple and rich in flavor and aroma. Among the more popular are Caldeirada, Moquecas fish, anchovies, shrimp, lobsters, crabs, squid and octopus.


 1. Camboriu – 37Km
 2. Florianópolis – 60 Km
 3. Porto Alegre – 563Km
 4. Sao Paulo – 660 Km

Tourist attractions

Morro do Macacao: Wonderful landscape with typical scenery of peninsula of Bombinhas.

Galleta: Great area of Atlantic Forest, the perfect place to appreciate the fauna and flora.

Tainha Beach: During the walking, it is possible to visit the viewpoint of 360º, that offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views to Zimbros bay.

Among the most popular beaches, it is possible to mention:

Bombinhas. This is an urban beach with calm waters. It is recommended for diving and nautical sports. It is permanently visited during summer.

Bombas. Another urban beach with calm waters, which is ideal for bathing and family trips.

Quatro Ilhas. This is an opened sea beach that has big waves. It is perfect for surfing practice.

Mariscal. A long beach with brave sea and big waves.

Sepultura. It is an inlet that contains calm water.

Porto da Vó. A lonely beach that is ideal for fishing.

Canto Grande. Another inlet with calm waters, where there are many summer houses.

Vermelha. A solitary beach whose characteristic is the red sand.

Da Lagoa. This beach has calm water and gross sand.


By: bombinhas.sc.gov.br

By: bombinhas.sc.gov.br

By: bombinhas.sc.gov.br

By: bombinhas.sc.gov.br

By: bombinhas.sc.gov.br

By: bombinhas.sc.gov.br

By: bombinhas.sc.gov.br
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