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· Information and guides of Maraś ·

Maraś - Brasil

The importance of Maraú in past centuries is seen today in its buildings of antique architecture, including a number of them with Portuguese characteristics and style from the 18th Century.

Up from the high city's belvedere it is possible to have a nice view of Maraú's estuary and the low city, where you can watch an ample area of the fair and the embarkations at the anchorage. Coconut, piassava and wood are the main materials of the local artisans, where are also cultivated rubber trees, dendé (introduced by the end of the 19th century), clove, peach palm, guaraná and black pepper. An outdoor fair agitates the city on Saturdays and fishing is an important source of income for the city, which counts only on a modest inn and restaurant.

Location and Access


Located at 469 km away from Salvador, in the State of Bahia.

How to get there:

By road - Take a beaten land park-road that crosses the heavy jungle towards the junction with the BR-030 Highway. Or head south leaving Valença through the BA-001 Highway and drive for 63 km to Camau, where it is then required to take a 40-minute ride to Maraú by motor-boat. Leaving Itacaré by the BA-001 Highway, cross the Contas River on a ferryboat and run 37 km by the BR-030.

Main Attractions

Tremembé Waterfalls - Surrounded by forest, this beautiful waterfall of 30 m in length and 5 m in height forms a big lake. Local bathing is very pleasant, but jumping from the boat near the waterfall is hazardous due to the water force.

Taipus de Dentro Settlement - Located within the Camamu Bay, on the Taipu Mirim Island, this small fishermen village has good urban infrastructure, inn and restaurant. Leave Jobel Harbour, on tour through the Camamu Bay. Leave Maraú taking the sand road BR-030 and drive for about 25 km. Take a boat at the city of Camamu. It takes 30 minutes to get to the settlement.

Ilha do Goió - An isle formed by the mangrove with a narrow strip of white and fine sand. Good for bathing. Access is made through the Sapinho Island, from which it is required to cross 200 m on boat.


Praia de Mangueiras - Mangueiras Beach is calm, with warm and clear waters. Good for walking and guaranteed entertainment at bars.

Praia Ponta do Mutá (Mutá Beach Point) - The vegetation is quite diversified and the beach has nice rocks that emerge on the water surface. It's a very good beach for swimming. A short beach walking takes to Barra Grande, bathed by the waters of Camamu Bay.

Praia dos Três Coqueiros (Three-Coconut Trees Beach) - It is an open sea beach, with strong waves, coconut trees and holiday houses.

Praia Cassange (Cassange Beach) - Waves are weak, soft sands, coconut trees. There you will find Casssange Lake, good for practicing sailing sports.

Praia Arandi (Arandi Beach) - Weak waves, natural pools and coconut trees.

Praia dos Algodões (Cotton Beach) - Weak wave sea, ample coconut trees and fine sands. You can rent rafts for a sailing.

Praia de Piracanga (Piracanga Beach) - Strong wave sea, coconut trees, contoured by Piracanga River.

Praia de Aibim (Aibim Beach) - Weak waves, coconut trees and fine sands. It's a very good beach for swimming and walking.

Praia do Pontal (Pontal Beach) - The sand strip is very long, with coconut trees and a strong waves sea.

Praia de Taipus de Fora - The great Taipus de Fora Beach attractions are the 7 km of natural pools surrounded by coral reefs and waters filled with fish, which are great for diving and observation of the undersea fauna. At the reefs you can watch the octopus fishermen. There are also gamboas (fish traps done with bamboo interlacement at the wave breaking.

Praia de Saquaíra (Saquaíra Beach) - A beach in a straight sand strip, weak waves sea, coconut trees and a village.







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